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Basicly, Language is very important in our life,  because Language is a tool of communication and it has a big influence in buliding the relationship with another people. Language is so important to transfers message to another people. by language, one may express their idea, opinion   forggotten  by language user. most people regard  that languages is simple study which does not need specific  observation. for example phonology, semantic, syntax, morphology  and another. and there are four skill in language term, those are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing also the language components, such as Grammar, Pronunciation and vocabulary.

As the writer explain above,  language has four skill. each skill has special characteristic  wehether it is  in teching  strategies  or in way to study them. From the four languge skill above, the writer regard  that reading is as the first skill which is taught to the stdents in  school.

In supporting the explanation above, it is important to know what is reading.  Reading is  a means the action of a person who reads. reading process is an attempt  to drill  or explore  the textual  passage in reading text. An active reading condition defend on the way in teaching reading influence  the students to interest in doing the that. the teacher should choose the appropriate approach, in order to get  the good students  achievment in reading comprehension.

In indonesia, English has become a compulsary subject  taught at school. It is given to the students  from elementary  school up to university  and even  there a lot of parents who ask their children to take  an english course  at english institution. this happen because  more people are  aware  of the necessety to learn and master English in  order to develop human resources.  By understanding English  people who are not only able to communicate  with those from other countries but also able to broaden  their knowledge  by reading a lot  of kinds of English text book.

One characteristic of good readers that has been noted in literature is that they  are  be able to make prediction  about the text they read while they are reading it. In the reading there is a reading stage which will help the students understand the text easily. The pre reading stage is a phase before the students are given the reading text.

Students often do not have enough vocabulary in reading the text. so it makes them confused and they do not understand. Pre reading activity can build their vocabulary and in the same time, it will help them read comprehension, so by having this activity the students will be more active in reading, the reading lesson will be more interesting  and later on will improve their ability on reading comprehension.

              `In the teaching learning process, teachers ought to have the proper knowledge about the implementation of any Activities, because of the Activities are used to able to influence the students understanding and achievement in learning English. One of the Activities which implemented in teaching learning English is Pre Reading Activities.

In solving reading problem, a number of organized pre-reading approaches and methods have been proposed in the literature for facilitating reading through activation of background knowledge. Lazar (1993) classifies the provide knowledge that the reader lack as: previewing, providing background knowledge, pre-questioning, and brainstorming. The pre reading stage is a phase before students are given the reading text. the treacher usually brainstorm  or arouse students  prediction  about the text. in the  pre reading stage, the teacher will encourage the students to active  their background knowledge  with  the topic they learn. hopely, by having  this kind of  activity  the students will be more  interesting and meaningfull which later on will improve  their achievment on reading comprehension.

In Pre reading activities The students taught by asking them a few questions which are connected to the theme.for example  in job and the text is about doctor .the writer ask about what the students know about health.after that he show them the picture of a doctor and then ask them “what is this picture talking about?” then he ask three students to answer it,it is purposed to encourege the other students to speak up.later he asks them to mention everything in the picture.


English is one of the foreign languages for Indonesian students, that must be

learnt in school since kindergarten level until University level. English is considered

as a difficult subject for the Indonesian students, because English is completely

different from Indonesian language being look at from the system of structure,

pronunciation and vocabulary.

English teaching involves of four language skills, they are Listening,

Speaking,Readingand Writing. In teaching and learning a language, there are four

aspects that support four language skill above such as : grammar, vocabulary, spelling

and pronunciation that are also taught in English teaching and learning process.

Vocabulary is one of important aspects in teaching language, as stated by Edward in

his book : “Vocabulary is one of the important factor in all language teaching, student

must continually be learning words as they learn structure and as they practice

sound system”.

One thing that differentiates human from animals is verbal language or

speaking beside mind to think. Humans can communicate with others through verbal

language, either to apply or to receive the information the animal can not do. When

we observed a child first acquiring speech, we talk of this progress as a matter of

learning new words, we are also likely to feel that the adult speaker with the largest

vocabulary has the best command of English. To think of a language as just a stock of

words is, however quite wrong. Words alone do not make a language; a grammar is

needed to combine them in some intelligible way.


Vocabulary becomes a major problem in learning English, teachers of kindergarten

emphasizes on this matter earlier. In teaching vocabulary, generally the teacher teach

new words taken from reading text. It means that she integrates vocabulary with

reading. This integration will lead to integrative lesson plan.

Vocabulary is important in case it could helps the students to enjoy their

classes. One who masters enough vocabulary will find fewer difficulties than those

who have fewer vocabularies. When they read a certain text, they will easily get the

information from it since they can understand every word in the text. On the others

hand, those who lack of vocabulary will face a lot of problems. Mastery of

vocabulary will be useful for the process of achieving language- teaching objectives.

That is the mastery of language skills (Listening, Speaking,Reading, and Writing).

If we want to communicate with others in certain language, we must master

the language they belong to especially to know enough vocabulary of those language.

Furthermore, Long and Richards explain that vocabulary like grammar is an

essential component of all uses of language.

Through pictures, learner can see people, place and things from areas for outside their

own picture can also represent image from ancient times or portray the future.17

The kinds and numbers of pictures that the teacher should take with him to

carry out the activities in class can be taken from magazines, articles, or others and

should be interactive and interesting to capture the students. Attention the purpose of

Pictures can represent images from ancient times

The role of the pictures  in the classroom.

1. Pictures can cue responses to questions or cue substitutions through control


2.. Pictures can stimulate and provide information to be referred to in conversation,

discussion and storytelling beside five roles in using picture, there are

six reasons why pictures helpful in teaching learning process.

There are six reasons why using pictorial material:

a. Pictures are useful for presenting new vocabulary items.

b. Pictorial material allows for meaningful practice of vocabulary and structures

presented by the teacher.

c. Pictorial material can also provide a stimulus for using the language at the

reproduction and manipulation stages to speak, to read and to write.

d Pictures can be used for revision from one lesson to another as well as for long

term revision of vocabulary and structures.

e. Pictorial material can be used to supplement whatever textbook the teacher is

using or whatever course he is following. Picture, of course can be used to

provide more practice of the exercises that students have done using the text


f. Pictorial material is easy to collect, to make and to transport.

Language is the exchange or transfer of communication. It is a tool of communication. In border sense, language is the chief instrument through which people thinks and with which they integrate their selves, both internally and externally, both as a functioning individual and as an active participant in a human group, a member of human society. Every person in the world has a language, in every city, town, or village of the world; people are always talking to one another. Through language human can induce their peers to share, their culture and through language human can form a larger social group. Many languages used in the world, but one of the most widely spoken language is English.

People use the language to express their emotions, feelings, and ideas. No one will be able to communicate internationally without using English since almost of scientific books are written in English. There are various languages in the world, such as Indonesian, English, Arabic, Spanish, and others. English as one of international languages is an important subject to be learnt

              In English learning, a learner has to master the four basic language skills, namely: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In addition to the four language components to teach: such as grammar, pronunciation, spelling, and vocabulary. Vocabulary like grammar, it is essential component of all aspects of language. Vocabulary is crucial component in requiring and understanding language.

            For schools in Indonesia, vocabulary is one of the language component that undirected teaching learning. It includes in four of skill of language; listening, speaking, reading and writing.  In a formal school the chance of practicing English is not much. In the formal school the students usually study the theory but seldom practice. So to get more, the teacher has to be creative for looking for the new techniques to improve student’s vocabulary so they get more interesting in receiving the material.

Unconsciously, we have often heard songs throughout our lives. Songs become a part of human experiences for as long as we can remember. We can listen to the songs wherever we are, and whenever we think or whatever we do. Songs are easy to find, we listen superficially on television, tape, computer or while walking at the market. We use songs as background to activities such as studying, jogging, driving a car, typing, washing, even more imaging and those becomes familiar to the ears. Songs have great tendency to attract attention of the students.  Listening to the songs is also fun, in accordance with improving vocabulary it can be great help. At the time we listen to the music automatically we can sing it together with the singer of the songs. It means at once we practice our listening; we catch new words we never heard before. Songs are extremely adaptable and can suit any age, sex, taster, mood or level of ability. Why we should use songs, the answer for this question for one reason is that the students need something fun and easy to access the vocabulary quickly when it is required to use. The techniques of teaching vocabulary like substitution drills and memorizing words do not make students interested in English lesson. The kinds of these exercises also make the students passive in developing sentences. So they are not interested in studying more and there is improvement in vocabulary.

Another reason for using songs in teaching vocabulary that music is effective and helpful in teaching learning process. Teacher however must look for more effective technique to make learning vocabulary easier and more pleasant so the students become easier in understanding and learning English.

Based on the fact above, it is important for anyone who concerns in teaching English to find out the easier technique which can improve student’s motivation for improving their vocabulary. To solve this problem, the writer in this regards tries to offer solution in teaching vocabulary which aims to derive meaning with the help the songs and lyrics. Songs and lyrics are provided as a tool to predict the sentence .By using this technique the teacher just becomes the facilitator of the students because the teacher lets the students read and comprehend the lyrics as the text consisting of words.

English is one of languages which plays very important in the various field  of activities such as ; communication, economy, education, technology, politic, etc. Most of people will not be able to understand those without understanding English. Because lots of books and literatures are written in English. Viewing this condition, English is adopted in the curriculum by which big proportion of school hours given to teaching and learning such this language has been enable to have competence in skill of English including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

English as a subject matter in school covers the four basic language skill: reading, speaking, writing and listening. In every subject, students learning activities involve reading. Reading is one of the complex ways in learning English. It is kind of activity to comprehend the writer’s idea or the way the writer communicates with the readers by way of the written or printed words. Reading is important for everybody in order cope with new knowledge in the changing world of technological age.

Teaching reading for junior high school students must be differed from children in elementary school because of their different characteristic of psychological background. Peer approvals maybe considerably more important for the student than the attention of the teacher which, for younger children is so crucial (Harmer, 2002 : 39). It is important for considering their classmates as the motivation in deep learning of improving teaching learning process of reading. Harmer also states that students must be encouraged to respond the text and situation with their own thoughts and experience, rather than just answering question and doing abstract activities. English teacher must give them tasks which they are able to do, rather than humiliating risk.

In Indonesia, some English teachers still use traditional or conventional method to teach reading. Conventional method usually makes students   bored because the method is monotonous and the students are not active, so it makes the learners get bored. One of the ways to make the teaching reading effective is making the student active.

During the past decade, new approach called cooperative learning seemed to attract a lot of attention and become popular. This conceptual approach is based on theoretical framework that provides general principle on how to structure learning activities in a teacher’s specific subject area, curriculum, student and setting. Teacher can use this approach to stimulate students to acquire the knowledge as well as create inter personal and team skill. Working in group, therefore, is believed to help the problem. Shy students who don’t like speak in large class are more comparable speaking out in smaller group. Group members can complement each another strength and weakness in English. Each student has different background and ability in English, which he or she can bring to the group.

Cooperative Learning has recently been at the focus of education research. It has several types, One of them is Jigsaw. The jigsaw technique is very simple to apply. It is observe that Jigsaw technique used in cooperative learning effects increasing the academy success in addition to the social and intellectual abilities of the students. Various research have shown that especially at the primary, secondary and university level that using jigsaw technique is effective in leaning process of theoretical course, in the development of critical thinking process of students, not only in their ability to express themselves, but also in their communication skill. In Jigsaw technique, student may enjoy from time to time getting away from the usual pattern of reading the story or article aloud at sight.

Hemenway in her book entitle “The use of the Jigsaw in hypothesis testing” states that  The jigsaw is a cooperative learning technique in which the class first divided into expert groups that are assigned different but related task. New home group consisting of one member from each expert group are formed. Each expert instructs the other member s of this new group abut what they have learned

Based on opinion above, we can conclude jigsaw is model learning technique of cooperative learning, with students learn in small group consist of four or six person, diverse inter gender ethnicity, race and ability, cooperative in positive interdependence and responsible to present the task for each member.

English is one of the international languages that is used by many people in the world and in many areas of everyday life. Therefore, using English is the easiest way to communicate with people from other countries about many aspects in human life such as technology, economy, social, and politics.
For Indonesia, English is a foreign language. Learning a foreign language is an integrated process that the learner should study the four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We use it to understand our world through listening and reading and to communicate our feeling, need, and desires through speaking and writing. By having more knowledge about language skill we have much better chance of understanding and being understood and getting what we want and need from these around us.

According to J.D Angelo (1989:5), writing is a form of thinking. It means that writing is an activity to express ideas, issues, events, feeling or thinking to the others through written form. Cohen and Reil in Kusumaningsih(2001:1) say that writing can be defined as communicate act, a way of sharing observation, thought, or ideas with ourselves and others. It is a tool of thinking. By writing we can tell about people, remember the facts and ideas.
Based on the statement above, it can be concluded that writing is expressing ideas, facts, feeling, experience, and thought in written form.
In writing, the aspects include the use of vocabulary, structure of the sentence, composition of the sentence, spelling, and punctuation. These aspects are important to master in order to be able to produce good writing.
Writing, one of the productive skills, is considered difficult, especially writing in a foreign language. According to Axelord and cooper in Ma’mun (2004:5), writing is a complex process and such contains element of mastery and surprise. When students want to write something they should have a lot of information, ideas, and thought in their mind so that they will be able to express them into sentences, paragraphs, and an essay.
The writing ability is the main activity of composition. The writing should be systematic and detail. A knowledge or study about good writing or how to write composition is much needed.

Writing is one of four basic skills. It is very important in teaching and learning English. Writing involves some language components (spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation). This is in line with what is stated by Braine and Claire May (1996:60), writing clear sentences requires you to learn the rules of English grammar and mechanics such as the correct use of verbs and pronouns, as well as commas and other marks of punctuation.
There are various ways to organize the sentences in a piece of writing. One of them is recount text. Recount text is the form of text that aims at retelling events for the purpose of informing or entertaining. In the recount text, the sentences are usually organized according to time order or chronological order. One thing happens and then another thing happens, and the events are told in the same order.
Based on my experiences, there are some problems found in the field when giving writing materials to the students, especially the recount text.
The first problem is that the students’ writing is not comprehensible, because the content of the composition is not relevant to the topic, the ideas are not clearly stated, the ideas and sentences are not well organized. The second problem is that there are many errors in vocabulary, grammar, and spelling.
Another problem is the students have low motivation and are not interested in doing the task since the writing activities are not interesting. Usually, the students are asked to write sentences and paragraphs without being given some clue so that it is difficult for them to express their ideas on a piece of paper.
Besides that, the students have difficulty at telling their experience. This is because writing is difficult for them since they have to master enough vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.
In reference to the explanations above and the strong desire of finding the solution of these problems, the writer has motivation to do the research in improving the teaching of writing in real class by using picture series as the instructional media. It is hoped that the media improve the students’ ability in writing, especially recount text.
recount text, and it may guide, help and encourage students to express their ideas, opinion, and thought onto paper.

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